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Maximizing potentials in a Christian-focused learning experience.

As a Seventh-day Adventist Christian Elementary School, we recognize the importance of quality early childhood education that’s deep-rooted on a Christian living. Thus, at LifePoint Academy of Seventh-day Adventists, we train and provide young learners the opportunities to become servant leaders of integrity in the community.

We nurture their growth and development by instilling Adventist Christian values. Our facilities are also well-equipped with modern and up-to-date tools and resources, which are vital in helping our young learners attain excellence in academics.

Our faculty and teaching staff renders the groundwork to help build foundations and building blocks of Christian-focused learning and experiences. Enroll your child now at LifePoint Academy of Seventh-day Adventists! We guarantee only the best programs and services for your child.

If you have further inquiries, contact us today by reaching us here.